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☆ Welcome ☆

Welcome to the first FeaDior community at LJ !
FeaDior was a rather unknown VisualKei indies band which made its start in summer 2006 and sadly had their last live on the 03.02.2008.
The band's members were 壱 Itsu [vo], Kuro [gt], hisana [gt] yukkey [ba] and Satsuki [dr]. (ex.Member: Misaki [vo], Soumu [gt], yukkey [ba])

☆ Rules ☆

♬ All posts have to be about FeaDior, the members or their music !
♬ Sharing of media [such as pics or music files] is allowed !
♬ Huge posts and pictures should be under an lj-cut or posted as a thumbnail !
♬ Posts have to be friends only !
♬ Be nice to other members ! No flaming and stuff !! Otherwise you get banned !
Support the band as much as you can~
♬ If you want you can make an introduction post ! ^__^

♩ all pictures are copyrighted to FeaDior

☆ Links ☆

~ FeaDior official site
~ FeaDior @ VisuNavi
~ Buy their CDs at CD Japan

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